c++ code completion status report

Tobias Kalbitz SCFKyle at web.de
Thu Jan 3 23:34:03 UTC 2002

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Schilling wrote:


>Undoubtedly we need a parser. Therefore we
>had to learn BISON (at least I had to) and even
>before had to find out that we had to learn about it.
>It seems that work will continue faster now but
>it's still a lot of work and C++ has a very complicated
>grammar with many many ambiguities.

I heart on an oter list that gcc 3.x.x support a XML output of the class 
member like the database of VC++ when it compile some source. Maybe 
that's is also a way to go?


The truth is out there! Does anyone know the URL? (Quelle unbekannt)

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