Looking for an IMPORTANT feature ...

Andrea Aime aaime at libero.it
Thu Jan 3 20:19:03 UTC 2002

> [...]
> and - the c++ version - is NOT working currently. (well yes, somehow it's
> working - www.htw-dresden.de/~s2697/gideon.png)
> our focus was to make the classstore persistent and and it seems that we
> achieved that last year (see changelog). currently we are discussing how cc
> / parsing should be done "the right way"(tm) so expect some code in the
> next _months_ ;)

Mmmm... would it be possible to see this discussion take place on the
kdevelop-devel list so that interested people (like me) can have a fell
of what is going on and maybe get an understanding on how the code
works? (something necessary to get involved and help, just in case
I find enough time to study KDE programming... :-)
What are the issues related to parsing? Wasn't already there an infrastructure
to parse c++ and java code in place?
Best regards
Andrea Aime

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