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Loy jalimao at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 4 10:50:04 UTC 2002

> >This feature that you describe is code completion.
> It's included in 
> >KDevelop 3 (Gideon) for PHP and C++. For PHP is
> this done from Sandy 
> >Meier and for C++ from Victor Röder and other.
> and - the c++ version - is NOT working currently.
> (well yes, somehow it's working - 
> www.htw-dresden.de/~s2697/gideon.png)
> our focus was to make the classstore persistent and
> and it seems that we achieved that 
> last year (see changelog). currently we are
> discussing how cc / parsing should be done 
> "the right way"(tm) so expect some code in the next
> _months_ ;)

Good day !

KDevelop 3 ??  Will this be running only on KDE 3 or
will would it still FULLY run on KDE 2.2-11
(basically, on the system provided on Red Hat 7.2) ??

Any idea for a release date ??  Like most programmers
on Windows system
(http://www.sdtimes.com/news/016/story2.htm) , I have
relied on such features (mentioned before) on VC++ to
help me manage programs (particularly complex ones). 
Call me lazy if I would rather wait for that release,
but read the article on the link above.

Again, many thanks :)
Loy de Guzman

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