Looking for an IMPORTANT feature ...

Daniel.Engelschalt at gmx.net Daniel.Engelschalt at gmx.net
Thu Jan 3 15:11:03 UTC 2002

Am 03.01.02 14:54:39, schrieb Tobias Kalbitz <SCFKyle at web.de>:

>Hi Loy,
>This feature that you describe is code completion. It's included in 
>KDevelop 3 (Gideon) for PHP and C++. For PHP is this done from Sandy 
>Meier and for C++ from Victor Röder and other.
and - the c++ version - is NOT working currently. (well yes, somehow it's working - 
our focus was to make the classstore persistent and and it seems that we achieved that 
last year (see changelog). currently we are discussing how cc / parsing should be done 
"the right way"(tm) so expect some code in the next _months_ ;)


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