[PROPOSAL] Adding and removing many files from/to the project

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Tue Dec 17 21:48:05 UTC 2002


On Tuesday 17 December 2002 11:51, Victor Röder wrote:
> 3) CVS and Perforce are not connected to
> KDevProject::(removed/added)Files(From/To)Project()
> How do they notice that files were removed/added and do so on their
> repository?

they don't. Adding new files to the project shouldn't autmatically add them to 
the repository. I have some unfinished gideon parts here and I really don't 
want to add them to the repository until they are not finished, but of course 
they should be part of my local gideon project file.

> Before bothering the part maintainers to have a look on my changes on their
> code I would like to know if someone has objections against these things
> here. If no one complains I will commit these days.

I don't have any objections at all, I think the patch doesn't go far enough ;) 
It is still on my TODO list to allow multiple selection in all file-views so 
you can CVS commit/diff a bunch of files which is not possible yet.

So please go ahead and commit :)

Best regards,

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