[PROPOSAL] Adding and removing many files from/to the project

Victor Röder victor_roeder at gmx.de
Wed Dec 18 10:16:02 UTC 2002


>they don't. Adding new files to the project shouldn't autmatically add them to 
>the repository. I have some unfinished gideon parts here and I really don't 
>want to add them to the repository until they are not finished, but of course 
>they should be part of my local gideon project file.
My imaginations are that if the user adds files to the project (via "New 
Class Dialog" or directly via Automake/QMake Manager),
the version control part pops up a dialog asking the user if the new 
files should be added to the repository as well (and if yes, with which 
parameters, options, etc.).

And then (future :-), having Cervisia embedded in the bottom. With 
Cervisia's file view you can easily cover the needed functionality. But 
maybe Cervisia's output view should be in an other Tab so that there's 
no crush.

>I don't have any objections at all, I think the patch doesn't go far enough ;) 
Yes, I think in the session file the paths of the opened files should be 
relative and no complete URL...

>It is still on my TODO list to allow multiple selection in all file-views so 
>you can CVS commit/diff a bunch of files which is not possible yet.
I would prefer to embed Cervisia, but it's your decision :-).

>So please go ahead and commit :)
There are some bugs left that I want to fix, but I'm considering to 
commit today, to avoid conflicts in CVS ...


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