[PROPOSAL] Adding and removing many files from/to the project

Victor Röder victor_roeder at gmx.de
Tue Dec 17 11:46:02 UTC 2002


while implemeting "Add Existing Files" and "Remove Target" for the Automake 
Manager, I noticed several things:

1) That I have to emit addedFileToProject() everytime for a single file.

So I added to KDevProject the two new slots addFiles ( QStringList ) and 
removeFiles ( QStringList ).
And also replaced the two signals
addedFileToProject(QString) and removedFileFromProject(QString)
addedFilesToProject(QStringList) and removedFilesFromProject(QStringList).

I adapted this to all parts. To avoid many changes I left addFile() and 
removeFile() in the "KDevProject-derived" parts but they do only call their 
"bigger sisters".

2) Files were delivered to KDevProject's addFile/s(QString/List) or 
removeFile/s(QString/List) slots or returned by KDevProject's allFiles() 
wrongly, i.e. either the file name wirh the absolute path or only the file 

I tried to fix this, too. Maybe there are some locations were I missed to fix 

For now there's only one rule:
Everything you get OR deliver to a KDevProject-derived project (HAS/MUST HAVE) 
A RELATIVE PATH to the project directory!

3) CVS and Perforce are not connected to 

How do they notice that files were removed/added and do so on their 

Before bothering the part maintainers to have a look on my changes on their 
code I would like to know if someone has objections against these things 
here. If no one complains I will commit these days.

Thanks for reading


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