IDEAl mode question

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Thu Dec 5 14:08:05 UTC 2002

> In undocked mode the panels automatically disappear if they have lost
> their focus.

It doesn't exhibit this behavior for me.

> In docked mode its the same excepting 4) AUTO HIDE  is disabled.
> If (while have a docked panel1 with "4) AUTO HIDE disabled" opened)
> another panel2 from the same side opens which state is 3) UNDOCKED it
> overlaps the currently opened panel1.
> If panel1 has 4) AUTO HIDE enabled and panel2 opens panel1 disappears
> and panel2 raises up.

Where does one select "Auto Hide?"  I think that would be nice to have on as

> That's it :-). And it is very usefull that way. Maybe we should have a
> look at Kate's side tab button bar which is IMHO a crib of VS.NET :-).
> In VS.NET a panel opens if you get with the mouse cursor over its button
> in the tab bar.
> If someone is just extending the IDEAL mode, he/she should do this way,
> please. Otherwise I'll do it some day :-).

The main thing I would like to see, and I've toyed with the code now for
some time but haven't completely finished it, is to make the panels close
when that part closes.  Right now, the Automake Manager/QMake Manager parts
don't close when the project closes and it leaves an ugly empty panel there.

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