Gideon: Bugfix: Output and tree views will now close if project is closed

Heinz Hornung Hornung-Heinz at
Sun Aug 18 21:47:04 UTC 2002

Hello Kdvelop-Team,
I've made a tiny patch to fix the following bug:
Gideon did not close the views in the output and tree window if a project is closed. 
On subsequent project opens, additional tab windows were added to the output and tree window. 
This lead to multiple instances of for example the "Dissasembly" window. Only the newest one worked.

The reason for this is that ToplevelMDI::removeView() just removes the QextMdiChildView not the parent KDockWidget.
An undock fixes the problem.

The attached patch can be applied to the dirctory just above kdevelop (e. g. kde3src) with the command line:
patch  -p0 -c -i closetabwin.patch
It will only change kdevelop/src/toplevel_mdi.cpp

For example:
kde-devel at linux:~/kde3src> patch  -p0 -c -i closetabwin.patch
patching file kdevelop/src/toplevel_mdi.cpp
Hunk #1 succeeded at 232 (offset -8 lines).
kde-devel at linux:~/kde3src>

Kind Regards,
Heinz Hornung

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