Alpha release and trollproject

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jsgaarde at
Sat Aug 17 23:13:05 UTC 2002

Hi guys.

I just want to report status on the trollprojectpart. The manager is working 
very well by now. I still need to: 
  * implement file exclusion functionallity (the abillity to exclude    	
sourcefiles from specific qmake scopes)
  * Create toolbar icons (maybe someone more graphically talented than I would 
like to do this)
  * Abillity to create new projects based on qmake
  * More generel polishing

Please try it out and give me some feed back.
To start a new project just make an empty directory and touch a qmake 

mkdir testprj
cd testprj
touch testprj

1. choose Project->Import Existing Directory from the menu.
2. select the newly created directory
3. select "Qt C++ Application (QMake based)" (last project type)

/ Jakob Simon-Gaarde

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