Compile error with QT 3.0.5

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jsgaarde at
Mon Aug 12 19:41:02 UTC 2002

I am trying to compile Gideon with QT 3.0.5 but I seem to have trouble with 
the doctreeview part. 

librarydocdlgbase.h:17: forward declaration of `class KLineEdit'
librarydocdlgbase.cpp:51: no matching function for call to
`QHBoxLayout::addWidget (KLineEdit *&)'
/usr/local/qt-3.0.5/include/qlayout.h:378: candidates are: void 
QBoxLayout::addWidget (QWidget *, int =
0, int = 0)

Seems like KLineEdit* can't be casted to QWidget* 

Has anybody else experienced this problem?
/ Jakob Simon-Gaarde

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