gideon release, first steps

Harald Fernengel harry at
Sat Aug 3 11:56:02 UTC 2002


> We should start to find and fix the most urgent bugs for an alpha...

time for a TODO List :)

About the part list:


I planned to remove sourcenav, since we have something similar in the history 
part. I thought sourcenav was a great idea to navigate forwards/backwards 
between changes, but now I've seen the history of eclipse 2.0 and I think 
this is the way to do it.
I'd vote for removing sourcenav and make the history part as good as 


It has the same features as CVS, so if we put in CVS we can as well put in 
perforce to show that it is no problem to have multiple VCSs installed.


Without it an essential part of the IDE is missing... Why is it in the "maybe 
later" list?


Without Diff we'll get crashes all over the place, because a Diff part is 
required now for CVS and Perforce (diffFrontend()) just as the outputviews 
and other stuff. If we really don't want to include it, please tell me so I 
have to include extra checks everywhere. I'd vote for "release it".


It is not obsolete, it is just parked in gideon's CVS because I didn't find a 
better place. Please don't delete the code, I'm waiting for some changes in 
NEdit (bidirectional communication) to continue hacking. It is disabled by 
default anyways.

Best regards,

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