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> On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > Moin Bernd ! :)
> When I see such a greeting I always wonder whether it's german
> or french :-)
> > > * Class properties dialog: No way to enable the help button.
Uh? Did I put and forgot the help button ?
> > >   The dialog offers to create public signals; something
> > >   like a public signal simply doesn't exist.
That's it - USELESS -
> > Signals are all public. Due to the message freeze this can be changed
> > after the beta and this is a simple job. Brezel's english isn't that
> > good and I wouldn't harm him for such a mistake as it's not entirely
> > wrong what the label says. It needs fixing though.
-- Entièrement d'accord : Mon "english" est horrible ......;-)
> You misunderstand... Do a  grep '#define signals'
> Notice something? :-)
> Oh, and please ignore David's BrowserExtension hack ;-)
> > catching up now to work on gideon. And, the dialog who's done by Brezel
> > was his first work on kdevelop and a KDE program. I don't condemn him
> > for that one.
> Sigh. When will you understand that bug reports and criticism are
> not condemning someone :-((
For my part, I feel amused and honnored by this attention ;-)

> > He just intended good to help John and me to port 1.3 and
> > make it a *bit* nicer in that part where we had a lot of different small
> > dialogs that were serving the functionality that's now done by one
> > dialog, although that one is a bit faulty GUI wise it's still better
> > than what we had with 1.3.

> IMO, it's not. The old dialogs were very efficient. The new one in
> unusable because you have to click on each gui element before you
> enter something. In the time you have filled out the dialog, you
> could have typed in the method by hand twice...
Hmmm... I had no time to review my code and check to auto-refresh the
dialog`s data
Maybe you could do it for me ?
Maybe you would be more precise on what you are talking about ?

WORSE: All my code relies on the ClassParser engine.
I mean errors are highly probable when adding code into the CPP files.
->Just read : When adding implemented code because of wrong line numbers
by the ClassParser methods.
( See :
 and CKdevelop:::slotCVAddAttributes(...)
If only I had time to call and use the ctags utility....

My last words on the faulty ClassProperties:
I've made it in three days ( the whole codesource and the dialog) , and gave
it to John.
After I had only some few time to debug and correct the errors. I knew that
the GUI
design was not efficient, but it was better then the old one in that I was
not required
to switch to the QT/KDE docs to seek and remember the signals prototypes.
That was the MAIN and ORIGINAL reason for the new ClassProperties dlg.
...And what do you think about the static attributes ? There was NO code
for implementing static variables into the CPP files...

I am still a newbie - no time to learn and practice but I think I did
something a bit usefull for kdevelop.

I keep telling that  Kdevelop 1.4 ( 2.0 ) is still better than 1.3 and my
is very usefull (at least) for me.

Sorry for my bad english ;-)
Best regards,

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