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Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 21 08:40:59 UTC 2001

> > IMO, it's not. The old dialogs were very efficient. The new one in
> > unusable because you have to click on each gui element before you
> > enter something. In the time you have filled out the dialog, you
> > could have typed in the method by hand twice...
> Hmmm... I had no time to review my code and check to auto-refresh the
> dialog`s data

Don't know what you mean here.

> Maybe you could do it for me ?
> Maybe you would be more precise on what you are talking about ?

Take a watch. Now stop the time you need to add a slot with the
dialog. Stop the time you need to add it by hand (using F12 to
switch between files). Now compare :-) As another alternative,
compare with M-x agulbra-add-member ;-)

> WORSE: All my code relies on the ClassParser engine.
> I mean errors are highly probable when adding code into the CPP files.
> ->Just read : When adding implemented code because of wrong line numbers
> given
> by the ClassParser methods.

If someone tells me how to get the contents of the whole current
line from FlexLexer, I could try to add context information to the
class store which could then be used to be tolerant wrt added and
removed lines.

> My last words on the faulty ClassProperties:
> I've made it in three days ( the whole codesource and the dialog) , and gave
> it to John.
> After I had only some few time to debug and correct the errors. I knew that
> the GUI
> design was not efficient, but it was better then the old one in that I was
> not required
> to switch to the QT/KDE docs to seek and remember the signals prototypes.
> That was the MAIN and ORIGINAL reason for the new ClassProperties dlg.
> ...And what do you think about the static attributes ? There was NO code
> for implementing static variables into the CPP files...

Didn't notice that :-) As I said, I mainly was concerned about stuff
that used to work before (and worked efficiently) in comparison to the
state now.


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