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Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 19 19:12:20 UTC 2001

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Moin Bernd ! :)

When I see such a greeting I always wonder whether it's german
or french :-)
> > * Class properties dialog: No way to enable the help button.
> >   The dialog offers to create public signals; something
> >   like a public signal simply doesn't exist.
> Signals are all public. Due to the message freeze this can be changed
> after the beta and this is a simple job. Brezel's english isn't that
> good and I wouldn't harm him for such a mistake as it's not entirely
> wrong what the label says. It needs fixing though.

You misunderstand... Do a  grep '#define signals' $QTDIR/include/qobjectdefs.h
Notice something? :-)
Oh, and please ignore David's BrowserExtension hack ;-)

> catching up now to work on gideon. And, the dialog who's done by Brezel
> was his first work on kdevelop and a KDE program. I don't condemn him
> for that one. 

Sigh. When will you understand that bug reports and criticism are
not condemning someone :-((

> He just intended good to help John and me to port 1.3 and
> make it a *bit* nicer in that part where we had a lot of different small
> dialogs that were serving the functionality that's now done by one
> dialog, although that one is a bit faulty GUI wise it's still better
> than what we had with 1.3.

IMO, it's not. The old dialogs were very efficient. The new one in
unusable because you have to click on each gui element before you
enter something. In the time you have filled out the dialog, you
could have typed in the method by hand twice...

> hmm...you need lupdate, lrelease and linguist for Qt projects. It's
> currently only available as a pre-release but it actually works. So we
> don't have to change anything for Qt projects for Qt 3 (in case it
> doesn't break the compilation by incompatible sources in the template).

I have them installed, and they are not happy with merging into empty
files. And not installed message catalogs are of limited usefulness...

> > * What's this help for the menu is replaced by a meaningless
> >   'Ready' after a short time.
> There was no what's this help for menus. It's the statusbar help that
> has a timeout for 2 seconds ever since I introduced that because the
> menu's don't send off a signal unhighlighted but only highlighted. So I
> can set a statusbar help but I can't unset it again. I know Qt's
> QActions can do that but it's like mixing stuff again back and forth,
> that's also the reason why KAction based menus are configurable while
> QAction ones are not but KAction ones don't use the statusbar while
> QActions ones can :))

I don't understand a word ;-) It works nicely in Cervisia (without
actions) and Konqueror (KActions). Though I now notice that several
actions in Konqueror don't have status texts.

> Thanks for all your dedication to the project again! I think that needs
> to be said once in a while.  One other thing though - I don't want to
> take Falk's fun away for his announcement, BUT we will get a little
> baby-Falk this year :))

MicroFalk? :-)


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