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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Tue Jun 19 16:20:11 UTC 2001

Bernd Gehrmann wrote:
> Just had a look at the 1_4 branch and was very disappointed.
> Somehow I have the impression it gets more and more bugs with
> each release :-((
Moin Bernd ! :)

> Here is a list from just 10 minutes of trying various things:
> * "...that you can create hierarchical todos by clicking with
>   the right mouse" That's a tip of the day. I have no idea
>   what this sentence wants to tell me :-(
> * Another tip says that I can print with enscript or a2ps.
>   I can't find any menu items for this.
Ok, thing is that I changed the ktip thingy to the one in kdelibs and
just copied over the tips into the tip xml file. I didn't read over that
which I should have done at the same time. I will see to get it fixed, I
also don't even get the english tips when settings are german and there
is no german tipfile. So that's my mistake I forgot to change or look
closer at.

> * Build->Rebuild doesn't work.
> * Build->Distclean/Rebuild All doesn't work.
> * Context menus hehave differently. Some appear when the button
>   is pressed, some when the button is released.
There still are some issues with the buttons for the
treeview/outputview, yes. But someone has to fix things up :) and I'm
sorry to say that I currently had no time for the beta to fix those
things. But until the release there are still some weeks left, at least
a month, to sort these minor things out.

> * When choosing New file from the context menu on
>   the functions branch in the class view, it proposes
>   to put the file into the directory Global/Functions.
>   Same error for other branches.
Don't know about that one. Can someone have a look at that, please ?

> * Folders in the class view serve no apparent purpose.
They do. John and I have put them in and it works like follows: if you
have a project loaded, it will display the classes according to the
subdirs they are in physically. Now, to make a new subdir in your
project and add a class there, this works also not only by doing it in
the RFV but to add a folder first (where the folder appears in the
classview) but that is not physically created. Then you add a class in
that subfolder. This results in that the directory is made, the files
built, the Makefile.am's updated and the project's configure runs so
that you can compile your project again including this class. Nice idea,
eh ? :))

> * Class properties dialog: No way to enable the help button.
>   The dialog offers to create public signals; something
>   like a public signal simply doesn't exist.
Signals are all public. Due to the message freeze this can be changed
after the beta and this is a simple job. Brezel's english isn't that
good and I wouldn't harm him for such a mistake as it's not entirely
wrong what the label says. It needs fixing though.

 It's unclear
>   what 'matching slots' in the slot tab are. Match what?
>   Also, the dialog is a usability desaster: no accelerators,
>   no initial focus, nested group boxes, messed up focus
>   chains.
Yes. Remeber how many dialogs were wrong before 1.4 ? You get the idea
:)  2.0 is still not the perfect thingy, that's what gideon is supposed
to become. I wouldn't spend too much effort into those glitches than
catching up now to work on gideon. And, the dialog who's done by Brezel
was his first work on kdevelop and a KDE program. I don't condemn him
for that one. He just intended good to help John and me to port 1.3 and
make it a *bit* nicer in that part where we had a lot of different small
dialogs that were serving the functionality that's now done by one
dialog, although that one is a bit faulty GUI wise it's still better
than what we had with 1.3.

> * Adding translations to Qt projects spits a lot of errors.
>   IMO, the tr support in the template is pointless anyway,
>   as it only works if you start the application in the
>   source directory.
hmm...you need lupdate, lrelease and linguist for Qt projects. It's
currently only available as a pre-release but it actually works. So we
don't have to change anything for Qt projects for Qt 3 (in case it
doesn't break the compilation by incompatible sources in the template).

> * Documentation browser options seem to have no effect on
>   the documentation browser.
That is correct, it didn't have much effect on 1.4 either because khmtl
changed so much and John and I were busy to catch up with all the other
errors. We were glad that everything worked and this one didn't but it
was the most common denominator to do that at the very last place.
> * Lots of 'QObject::connect: No such slot' messages on the
>   console.
May be due to the new editor stuff so that needs lookup.
> * Browser history is broken with multiple browser windows.
Well, that is the first time we *have* multiple browsers :) What's
happening in that case in VC++ anyway ? AFAIK they have a back and
forward as well, they should keep a history on the browser windows
sepearately. I consider this minor compared that everything will be fine
with gideon in a couple of month :))

> * What's this help for the menu is replaced by a meaningless
>   'Ready' after a short time.
There was no what's this help for menus. It's the statusbar help that
has a timeout for 2 seconds ever since I introduced that because the
menu's don't send off a signal unhighlighted but only highlighted. So I
can set a statusbar help but I can't unset it again. I know Qt's
QActions can do that but it's like mixing stuff again back and forth,
that's also the reason why KAction based menus are configurable while
QAction ones are not but KAction ones don't use the statusbar while
QActions ones can :))  Quite a messy situation, I've spend a couple of
days on that but keeping the behavior like it was with 1.3 seemed to be
the best to me.

> * Large parts of the documentation are obsolete, e.g. for
>   the dialog editor.
You may have read the german version you've got installed. The english
version (and right now I've thrown away all other languages docs in
kdevelop because they are not in sync) has an updated chapter about how
to use Designer in KDevelop that has been written to my advise by Danimo
using Annma's tutorial.

I hope I covered all questions :)  Good you pointed out some things
again, but I don't think we will spend too much effort into that. The
main thing about the 2.0 is that it's the 1.4 plus QextMDI and that's
it, like we said. It's just the version that ships right now and
everyone is eager on gideon.

BTW: Good stuff with the editor part ! Hey, now we have NEdit as well,
so I actually can show off *two* IDE's at Linuxtag :))

Thanks for all your dedication to the project again! I think that needs
to be said once in a while.  One other thing though - I don't want to
take Falk's fun away for his announcement, BUT we will get a little
baby-Falk this year :))  (so Bernd don't be so picky when it's coming to
the new father - he'll have stress enough with the baby then :))) 

Whoohooo, I think we should all keep in mind that this is also about fun
and social gathering, and I have to say that I really like to share that
with everyone. Keep up the good work and we'll get "our" babies out as
well :)

Have a nice day and happy hacking,


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