TODO list for 2.0 (5/June/2001)

Roland Krause rokrau at
Tue Jun 5 14:26:32 UTC 2001

Falk, thanks for the overview.

--- "F at lk Brettschneider" <gigafalk at> wrote:
> 2 tree and output tool-views:
>   2.1 on/off switch has a bug, every second time the button state is
>       inverted
>   2.2 docking tree tool views to output tool views and vice versa has
>       some problems

There is also the "collapsing after insertion and deletion problem",
right? Bernd says he's fixed that in his version of kdevelop. Bernd,
can this be backported? 

> 3 Proper enabling/disabling of toolbarbuttons/menuitems depending on
> the
>   program state doesn't work correctly. Often some "actions" are
> allowed
>   which do not make sense in that certain situation. 

Yes, I have though about this. Let's define program states, like: 

"Kdevelop started", "Kdevelop running", "Project (loaded)", 
"Source View (opened)", "Browser (opened)", "Compiling (file)",
"Building (Make)", "Running (Program)", "Debugging", ...

Depending on the program state. things can be highlighted or not. I
will be happy to try and implement this. 
> 4 Printing of multiple views at once isn't possible anymore.
> 5 Code completion buildin of KDEStudio is still missing.

Hmmm... a beast this is. I rather want to get the kate part integrated

> 6 code cleanup is needed.

Yes !!!

> 7 internal debugger:
>    7.1 removing code lines screws up set breakpoints (looks doubled)
>    7.2 maybe it is possible to show the return value in the VAR tree?
> 8 Setup wizard
>    8.1 testing and fixing of the new setup wizard, 
>    8.2 cool pictures for the pages are missing
> 9 Accelerators in Toplevel mode don't work after opening files
> 10 proper restoring the geometry of normalized views in Childframe
>    MDI mode
> --------
> Well, this is the current TODO list, maybe I forgot something you
> could
> add. Probably we can put this on a public TODO list.
> --> I'm going to work on (1) and (8.1), later on (2) and (9)
> --> (3) and (5): Roland?
> --> (7): JBB? Is JBB still alive?

John's alive, look at the ChangeLog, he's just decided to not talk to
us anymore, unless you port docViewMan to HEAD ;-) 

> --> (8.2): Wimpie? Ralf?
> Nevertheless, it is quite usuable at the moment.

Yes, it is very usable. I do also use the MDI tab mode quite a bit now
and it is also quite nice. Falk we have talked about a per file
splitter in the views (like M$ Studio has). You think that's possible
to do? 

> I would highly appreciate your help. Don't hesitate to focus on one
> or
> two of the issues. Then we will become quite stable until the first
> beta
> version.
> Ciao,
> F at lk
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