TODO list for 2.0 (5/June/2001)

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Tue Jun 5 09:35:40 UTC 2001


Since 7/5/2001 a lot of bugs have been fixed and some cool new features
have been introduced, for instance:
bracket highlighting, improved switch between header and appropriate
source file, new setup wizard, usuable TabPage MDI mode, improved
bookmarks, improved clone functionality and sound-based kdevelop events.
Thanks to Roland, Harry, JBB, Christian, Ralf and August.

So what is still to do for version 2.0? What are known bugs?
1 "Tab page" MDI-mode still has some focus problems probably reasoned
  in KDockTabCtl which leads to misbehaviour when docking and even
  crashes on file operations.

2 tree and output tool-views:
  2.1 on/off switch has a bug, every second time the button state is
  2.2 docking tree tool views to output tool views and vice versa has
      some problems

3 Proper enabling/disabling of toolbarbuttons/menuitems depending on the
  program state doesn't work correctly. Often some "actions" are allowed
  which do not make sense in that certain situation. 

4 Printing of multiple views at once isn't possible anymore.

5 Code completion buildin of KDEStudio is still missing.

6 code cleanup is needed.

7 internal debugger:
   7.1 removing code lines screws up set breakpoints (looks doubled)
   7.2 maybe it is possible to show the return value in the VAR tree?

8 Setup wizard
   8.1 testing and fixing of the new setup wizard, 
   8.2 cool pictures for the pages are missing

9 Accelerators in Toplevel mode don't work after opening files

10 proper restoring the geometry of normalized views in Childframe
   MDI mode

Well, this is the current TODO list, maybe I forgot something you could
add. Probably we can put this on a public TODO list.

--> I'm going to work on (1) and (8.1), later on (2) and (9)
--> (3) and (5): Roland?
--> (7): JBB? Is JBB still alive?
--> (8.2): Wimpie? Ralf?

Nevertheless, it is quite usuable at the moment.

I would highly appreciate your help. Don't hesitate to focus on one or
two of the issues. Then we will become quite stable until the first beta

F at lk

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