TODO list for 2.0 (5/June/2001)

Christian Couder christian.couder at
Tue Jun 5 15:07:16 UTC 2001

Hi everybody,

> > 3 Proper enabling/disabling of toolbarbuttons/menuitems depending on
> > the
> >   program state doesn't work correctly. Often some "actions" are
> > allowed
> >   which do not make sense in that certain situation.
> Yes, I have though about this. Let's define program states, like:
> "Kdevelop started", "Kdevelop running", "Project (loaded)",
> "Source View (opened)", "Browser (opened)", "Compiling (file)",
> "Building (Make)", "Running (Program)", "Debugging", ...
> Depending on the program state. things can be highlighted or not. I
> will be happy to try and implement this.

Sorry but I don't think it's the right way to implement this.

I would say that the menu items and toolbar button should rather be
owned/managed by the right object/component instead of all being owned
by the CKDevelop class and being managed by many different objects.

I already did this for the bookmarks menu (it is now owned by the
DocViewMan class), and it works well this way.

We should continue to split the huge CKDevelop monster class into
smaller classes managing different features of the app. It will also
make it easier to port some features to KDevelop 3 latter.


> > 6 code cleanup is needed.
> Yes !!!

I agree, I started again to clean the CKDevelop class, and this time I
will move some slots to the DocViewMan...


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