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Sun Jun 3 16:45:23 UTC 2001


some notes on kdevelop:
important) 1) when I have to remove or delete at all, some files from my 
project, I have to go to File (tab window) and delete each one viewing the 
tree collapsing any time... this is a tremendous work to reopen the correct 
subforlder any time... can be modified the refresh of the tree (after file 
deleting) in the manner that the tree itself remains opened ?
I suppose that the problem is regard to the change of icons on the tree... Is 
possible that QT/KDE doesn't allow to change an icon in the tree without the 
re-showing of all ?

minor important) 2) when I would to add existing file to project, I'm happy 
to point the "Destination dir" with File (tab window).
This task can be accomplished saving in a string variable the 'current 
selection' for the directory (instead if a file is the current selection, 
might be possible to select its pathname nor pathfilename); so when I "add 
file to project" this state string variable may be used to setting the target 
destination dir proposal.
useful) 3) editing is very important to let the user the 
"customization" of the make process. Many programmer know the syntax for 
Makefile; I suggest to take attention to the possibility of integrate a 
support for like:
	- syntax highlight
	- overriding rules: dispose Wizards dialog to add common rule
		i) bin_PROGRAMS
		ii) noinst_LIBRARIES
		iii) lib_LTLIBRARIES
	take the possibilities to add more than one rule in the same
	this is very an additional thing, in fact each bin_PROGRAMS should
	have their directory, but I can have a thing like this:
		"bin_PROGRAMS = test1
		test1_SOURCES = ........
		bin_PROGRAMS = test2
		test2_SOURCES = ....
		" in a single, right ?
	This feature might be of interest from kdevelop developers, in fact
	a good work can be done for this task if a grammar parser and a
	lexical analizer will be integrated in order to accomplish the idea
	of having a edit/browse dialog in which that an user
	can edit by hand each rule; the user may wish to use "add file..." dialog
	to select some files and the results can be used in the text edit
	for its current edited rule (e.g. test1_SOURCES = 		
	Other rules that should be overriden with this edit/browse
	might be follow:
		- all:
		- clean:
		- distclean:

	I am sure that this task is not a simple task, and I suggest to take much
	attention in designing an eventually Manager;
	in this way the grammar parser should be used to "read" the
	only at first time, and then its remain in a grammar tree and managed
	by appropriate alghoritm routines.
	In this manner the is not direct editable, but a tree of elements permits the edit of single section in a text area;
	So what happens when a user wants to edit by hand ? in this case
	the is closed flush the Manager status and reopened
	without the option "using Manager".

Notes: I say that all of this third note isn't clear explained, but I would 
to have put down some idea on the table...


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