phpdoc integration

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Sun Jun 3 16:58:37 UTC 2001

> are you still working on phpdoc (the docbook document from 
> integration? (sandy told me something about that)
> i want to work on that point, if you don't.

No, I started the table of contents in doc/3rdparty/, but
it was quite tiring to edit by hand. It would be better to be
able to generate this file from the docbook sources with a script.
I have hacked the little script doc/tools/index.xsl to extract an
index from docbook sources. This works nicely with the KDE 2.0
development handbook. I didn't have the patience and xsl knowledge
to write a similar script for the toc. Feel free to find a solution
that fits your needs :-)

In general, two kinds of files are involved: one with the
table of contents (suffix .toc) that is installed in
and read by the documentation tree. There are some examples in
doc/3rdparty. The other is the index (suffix .index) that is
installed in
and read when you use Help->Find in index. Examples are in
doc/libc and doc/kde2book (if they aren't currently removed
from the cvs).


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