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Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Sun Jun 3 17:12:19 UTC 2001

> some notes on kdevelop:
> important) 1) when I have to remove or delete at all, some files from my 
> project, I have to go to File (tab window) and delete each one viewing the 
> tree collapsing any time... this is a tremendous work to reopen the correct 
> subforlder any time... can be modified the refresh of the tree (after file 
> deleting) in the manner that the tree itself remains opened ?
> I suppose that the problem is regard to the change of icons on the tree... Is 
> possible that QT/KDE doesn't allow to change an icon in the tree without the 
> re-showing of all ?

No, that's not the problem. The tree is constructed from scratch each
time. The HEAD branch doesn't do that btw :-)

> 	take the possibilities to add more than one rule in the same
> 	this is very an additional thing, in fact each bin_PROGRAMS should
> 	have their directory, but I can have a thing like this:
> 		"bin_PROGRAMS = test1
> 		test1_SOURCES = ........
> 		bin_PROGRAMS = test2
> 		test2_SOURCES = ....
> 		" in a single, right ?

No, it's 

  bin_PROGRAMS = test1 test2
  test1_SOURCES = ...
  test2_SOURCES = ...

After all, bin_PROGRAMS is just a variable in make, so if you assign it
several times, it will be overwritten.

> 	Other rules that should be overriden with this edit/browse
> 	might be follow:
> 		- all:
> 		- clean:
> 		- distclean:

You should never override these. For customizing the build and
install behaviour, automake explicitly offers some hooks like
e.g. distclean-local


Not supported by automake 1.4. I think it will be in 1.5. Until then,
you can only set the flags per directory in the form AM_CXXFLAGS = ...


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