QT 3.0 Port Status

Harald Fernengel harry at bnro.de
Mon Aug 27 22:11:42 UTC 2001


ok, the first fixes for Qt 3 are in the HEAD branch. Most of it was because 
the style engine has been changed completely, but I have been able to put 
everything in nice "#if QT_VERSION < 300" statements. Please tell me whether 
it still compiles with Qt2 :)

Since I am using gcc3 there were some minor problems where some 
#includes were missing, I was able to fix most of them, but in the 
auto-generated file lib/sourceinfo/ClassStoreIface_skel.cpp I had to include 
a "#include <qstringlist.h>" by hand otherwise it wouldn't compile. Since 
this file isn't in CVS, can anyone please tell me how to fix this?

In lib/qt3stuff we have some backported stuff that wouldn't compile at all 
with Qt3. This stuff looks pretty scary to me, does anyone know why we need 
it and how we can disable it if users already use Qt3?

OK, time for bed, more fixes will come later this week...


> Greetings
> 	I am getting ramped up to take the plunge to QT 3.0 here for KDE
> development.  Is anyone taking care of the processes of porting Gideon to
> QT 3.0.  Or is first one to bat the one who gets the honour :P
> Let me know, I will take a whack at it this week if no-one else wants to.
> -ian reinhart geiser

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