QT 3.0 Port Status

F@lk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 06:39:50 UTC 2001


Harald Fernengel wrote:
> Since I am using gcc3 there were some minor problems where some
> #includes were missing, I was able to fix most of them, but in the
> auto-generated file lib/sourceinfo/ClassStoreIface_skel.cpp I had to include
> a "#include <qstringlist.h>" by hand otherwise it wouldn't compile. Since
> this file isn't in CVS, can anyone please tell me how to fix this?
See kdevelop/classparser/Makefile.am - tokenizer.cc on KDE_2_2_BRANCH.
An embedded script is your friend...

> does anyone know why we need
> it and how we can disable it if users already use Qt3?
#ifdef's for the whole file and #ifdef at the place where it's in

F at lk

P.S.: If someone wants to port QextMDI back to HEAD, it does also
compile with Qt 3.

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