QT 3.0 Port Status

Harald Fernengel harry at bnro.de
Mon Aug 27 13:11:50 UTC 2001


AFAIK we agreed that we should try to keep Gideon working on both Qt2 and Qt3 
if that is not too much pain (i.e. too many IFDEFS, that will kill the code).

The trick will be to implement patches for Qt 3 without breaking the Qt 2 
build. This will also mean that we should not yet use the advanced features 
of Qt 3, until we agree for the big switch-over.

I'll give it a try this week, any other volunteers are welcome (visit 
#kdevelop at irc.kde.org, I'm usually there after 20:00 CET).


> Greetings
> 	I am getting ramped up to take the plunge to QT 3.0 here for KDE
> development.  Is anyone taking care of the processes of porting Gideon to
> QT 3.0.  Or is first one to bat the one who gets the honour :P
> Let me know, I will take a whack at it this week if no-one else wants to.
> -ian reinhart geiser

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