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Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at
Thu Aug 23 21:38:09 UTC 2001

Hi di dei! ;-)

> are we able to document the classes better than now? I saw through the code
> and make a api reference and saw that many classes not well documented :(
> It would be great if we could this because for somebody that see the code
> the first time it's very difficult to see how something happen
>  in the code :)

Documentation is needed but writing some is a boring job :-). I had (and 
still have) the same symptoms like. I didn't see the forest because of the 
trees. I would like to see every class Gideon well documented but be honest 
right now I don't see a chance that someone does the job.
Sandy gave me an introduction in the Gideon framework via IRC. Right now I'm 
not an expert but I could give you an intro, too. If you like. When you have 
taken the first step everything is (mainly) easy :-).

> It would be also great if we could make a new documention 'book' in
> kdevelop how plugins and other improvments are coded with one ore two
> examples :) This book would also contain an documention for the plugin api
> may be like the microsoft SDK? I hope so we could many free and may be
> commercial plugins in KDevelop 3 :)

A very nice idea for sure. But someone has to do it :-).

BTW.: You talked about MED(?). Where can I get more infos about that?


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