documention of kdevelop

Tobias Kalbitz Tobias.Kalbitz at
Thu Aug 23 18:03:19 UTC 2001

Hi everybody,

are we able to document the classes better than now? I saw through the code
and make a api reference and saw that many classes not well documented :( It
would be great if we could this because for somebody that see the code the
first time it's very difficult to see how something happen
 in the code :)

It would be also great if we could make a new documention 'book' in kdevelop
how plugins and other improvments are coded with one ore two examples :)
This book would also contain an documention for the plugin api may be like
the microsoft SDK? I hope so we could many free and may be commercial
plugins in KDevelop 3 :)

What think you about that?

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