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Hugo Varotto hugo at
Tue Aug 21 12:56:47 UTC 2001

Hi Roland,

thanks, as I said, I just did a fast port, so I cannot claim any originality. 
What was really cool was how fast it was possible to do the port, both 
Gideon's and Kate's code were very easy and straightforward to 
understand/port ( I'm still amazed about it ).

It would be nice to integrate ctags with the class parses, but my 
undestanding is that the class parser only understands C++ ( is that true ? ) 
while ctags can parse many more languages. My idea was to build on top of 
ctags initially, but it would be cool to integrate both though. Admittedly, I 
haven't looked very much at the class parser, but I believe that ctags 
support lot more languages than the class parser ( I might be wrong however).

Couple of questions regarding ctags:

- do you have a timeframe for doing the port of kdevelop 2.0 to gideon ?

- how compatible in terms of API is the kdevelop 2 ctags versus the gideon 
ctags ?  I 'm planning to start working also in a port of kats's "open file 
list" plugin to gideon, and I'd like to add support for displaying also the 
symbols that are in each of the open files. I plan to bang more on ctags in 
gideon tomorrow to see why it doesn't work in my machine ( most probably I'm 
not using it correctly ).

- do you think it will be possible to have ctags as a global component of the 
IDE, like core(), project() or classStore() ?  That way other 
plugins will be able to use it directly ( like the generic symbol browser or 
a profiling/line coverage plugin ). I'm not sure if a plugin is able to do 

- it is possible to add support to use more than one ctgas file ? I believe 
the most difficult part will be doing the internal merge in the dictionary. 
The reason of having more than one ctags is that is nice to create a tags 
database for the C library, another for the java library, another for python, 
etc, plus one for libraries used by the project plus one for the project 
itself that I'm building, etc. I used this concept with Visual Slickedit and 
it's very useful, specially when working with multiple programmers, 'cause 
they just exchange symbols databases for their part of the project or put 
them in a common area.

Thanks for your input,


On Monday 20 August 2001 23:40, you wrote:
> Hugo,
> nice work, looks cool.
> I did the ctags based browsing on KDevelop-2. I was going to
> implement/improve and port that to gideon, at least that was the plan.
> ctags is "just" a fast code indexing mechanism. It doesn't actually
> know very much about the tags, basically not much more then where they
> can be found. ctags based search can be very fast but it is hard to do
> any context sensitive searches with it.
> I dont think the class parser uses ctags at all, maybe I am wrong, but
> it didnt last time I looked. The class parser is actually much smarter
> then a ctags search database. A combination of the two, that is a class
> tree that has a ctags index would be cool. Doxygen can do this little
> wonder and it can spit it out in XML on top of that....
> Also, there is exciting new from the gcc XML front, there is a working
> patch for XML output from gcc-3. Land is in sight.
> Roland
> --- Hugo Varotto <hugo at> wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I've started to play a little bit with Gideon's plugins lately, and
> > just for
> > fun I ported Kate's fileselector as a Gideon plugin.  Yo can find it
> > at:
> >
> >
> >
> > Is this something that people might find it useful ? I hope so ( at
> > least it
> > was for me ). I put an indication of the original author of the Kate
> > fileselector in the copyright notice, hope that's enough ( I just did
> > the
> > port to learn Gideon's plugin methodology and I'm not claiming
> > ownership /
> > creativity of the original idea ).
> >
> > On another topic, I'm starting to work a little bit on another plugin
> > ( one
> > that'll interface heavily with ctags ) and I was wondering what's the
> > state
> > of the ctags support on Gideon. I was not able to make it work (
> > loads the
> > ctgas file correctly. and inserts the tags in the dictionary, but
> > it's not
> > able to run a match against anything ).
> >
> > Is somebody the maintainer of this portion ( or is somebody working
> > on addidn
> > something new to Gideon instead of te currentctags support ) ? I'm
> > very
> > interested in doing a generic symbol-browser/cross reference matcher
> > plugin (
> > if you've used Visual Slickedit before you'll know what I mean ).
> >
> > Also, can somebody please explain me the relationship between ctags
> > and the
> > class parser/browser that's already in place ? I haven't looked at it
> > yet
> > very much in detail, but it seems that we have two symbol detection
> > mechanisms in place ?
> >
> > Thanks for all the input, I hope to be able to contribute more and
> > more as
> > the time pass by ( as I get more familiar with Gideon ). Thanks for
> > buiding a
> > very nice and expandable framework.
> >
> > Hugo
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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