A final word and what to do now (was: A final word (was:Re: What's up and what's hot))

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at bigfoot.com
Fri Aug 10 20:36:30 UTC 2001


Sorry, if I disturb your discussions. 

> I know that that would be a problem but the thing is that the overall speed
> of kde depends quite a lot on the size of kdeui. And the users are
> complaining about the speed and the hacks like kdeinit and the objprelink
> patch don't do all the trick. With the additional stuff in Qt3, even that
> library tends a bit to the bloatware direction :) That is why duplicated
> parts should IMHO be removed from the KDE API and we should stick to the Qt
> ones. I know that it would be a problem though, nonetheless.

I wrote a mail a few days ago at kde core devel, which had something todo 
with the kdockwidgets, because they are NOT ONLY used in kdevelop. I think we 
shouldn't start removing classes completely without a really good 
replacement. I think the QDockWidgets are not really a good replacement. I 
thought we would at least stay in KDE 3.0 nearly source compatible.

Now the important thing:

Why not split KDEUI into two or more smaller libs ? :Into common, often used 
widgets and into a lib with gui stuff, which is not that often (but at least 
is) used. The second/third/... lib only needs to be loaded if an application 
really needs those widgets/classes/.....

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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