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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Fri Aug 10 20:00:34 UTC 2001

On Friday, 10. August 2001 17:14, you wrote:

Hi Falk, 

sorry I didn't want to sound offending - I guess it's time for a loooong 
weekend and cool down a bit...I spent two weeks in a row learning, coding, 
writing....maybe I should go to the cinema and watch "Der Schuh des Manitu" 
to relax a bit and have a beer again :)

> > Erm, yes please. I have another suggestion as well. I don't know if you
> > know it, but from the usability and look&feel point of view, having
> > dockwidgets inside a tabwidget is a strict NoNo.
> Wrong.
You got that wrong what I meant :) It's the handle of the dockwidget. The two 
lines that appear inside the Tabwidget that are non-standard. That's why I 
asked about how VC looks in that terms, because it has undocking of the 
single tabs as well. I remember that there is a solution over a rmb entry but 
I am not sure, so I will have to check that or someone with having VC 6 handy 
(HarryF maybe ?) can check this and report please.

> > The functionality it wants to provide is
> > ok, that's what VC offers as well, but not with dock widgets in their
> > tabwidgets. That looks a lot nicer
> Why? Can't understand.
I meant the handle to drag it out. That's what Sandy said as well that it's 
quite uncommon and confusing because it looks pretty non-standard and grabs 
another 5-10 pixels off the screen.
> > I *really* would like
> > to throw KDockWidget out of kdeui,
> Do you know what the missing functionality in QDockWindow is? Have you
> ever tried programming with both ones? Are you able to rewrite
> KDevelop-2.0 with exactly the same GUI by using QDock*? Try and you will
> see.
I know that that would be a problem but the thing is that the overall speed 
of kde depends quite a lot on the size of kdeui. And the users are 
complaining about the speed and the hacks like kdeinit and the objprelink 
patch don't do all the trick. With the additional stuff in Qt3, even that 
library tends a bit to the bloatware direction :) That is why duplicated 
parts should IMHO be removed from the KDE API and we should stick to the Qt 
ones. I know that it would be a problem though, nonetheless. 
> > not only because it's a bit buggy in itself
> This is simply wrong.
Yes, things have been worked around now but throughout the last couple of 
month several crashes were due to the dockwidget stuff's configuration 
entries in the config file. And you have to agree it's not an API too nice to 
use :) especially if you want to understand a *bit* about what's going on 
behind the scenes without reading the sourcecode. That's what I like about Qt 
so much, that it modularizes things and makes them very easy and transparent 
to use with good API documentation and good, useful function names.



> Ciao,
> F at lk
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