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Eray Ozkural (exa) erayo at cs.bilkent.edu.tr
Fri Aug 10 18:56:34 UTC 2001

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On Friday 10 August 2001 05:44 pm, Roland Krause wrote:
> Still, all you will get is the smallest common denominator of all
> editors. Since the editor is such a central part of an IDE it should be
> good, very good, indeed so good that it causes people to use the IDE.

Is that correct? I think it all depends on how you define the interface. If 
you'd design it such that for instance features can be individually turned 
on/off, then you could plug-in any editor to that architecture. There one 
could use a lot of design patterns to accomplish that in a clean way 
(strategy pattern, etc.)

And a programming editor has got to be featureful, fast and reliable. 
Source-Navigator can use emacs as an editor, so why can't KDevelop? It should 
be very well possible to use that. And I think kdevelop should feature its 
own good editor as well. The way to accomplish that goes through an abstract 
editor interface that can handle variety and still allow every imaginable 
feature in a programmer's editor.

> Which brings me to an important point. This attitude lead to the
> current state of kate/kwrite. kate/kwrite currently sucks, it has
> 1/10'th the functionality of Emacs and 1/2 of NEdit, it is slow and
> does not scale reasonably. It will never get improved because KDE
> developers in general rather use a different editor for their work.
> Kate/kwrite is considered a toy for "newbies".

- From the KDE point of view, having a very good text editor carries its 
importance. But regarding kdevelop's state, we should be able to implement 
the features that we need.

For instance, I would like a Makefile mode like in emacs, and be able to 
properly edit Makefile's, including pressing TAB characters. When I press 
right mouse button on the editor I should see a lot of useful funtions such 
as going to an include file, or bookmarking that line etc.

To my surprise, I have not yet seen a UNIX GUI editor as good as gold editor 
or ced on the Amiga. :) I sometimes grow the urge to code a look-alike of 
gold editor after the occasional xemacs crash. :)


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