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On Wednesday 08 August 2001 11:45 am, you wrote:
> Yes, but in the last months I personaly had the feeling that there was a
> split in team. Will John, Falk and all others work on Gideon in the future?
> You mean after 2 years of parallel development we will work _only_ on the
> next generation KDevelop? I can't believe it. :-)

Could someone please offer an explanation of why gideon seems to be lagging 
behind in some areas for newbie kdevelop'ers? I was looking at a bug about 
member function creation and I saw that the code in kdevelop2 actually seemed 
to be more sophisticated than the one in gideon. Before that I was looking at 
docs in gideon related for debian packaging and saw that the docs were absent 
in gideon. Is there some discrepancy between CVS HEAD and KEVELOP_1_4 branch 
or is this due to my utter misunderstanding of cvs? (I presume kdevelop-2.x 
development continues in KDEVELOP_2_BRANCH which has been just created)

As far as I've seen making gideon as usable as kdevelop-2.0 should not be too 
difficult. The parts organization is well thought and gideon can be managed 
in such a way that it should be possible to work on new features and offer 
stable releases at the same time, more like mozilla's tree plans. IMHO, 
further "stability" releases can be made directly from branches off main 
trunk for better concentration of effort. That is only an idea, though. :)


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