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Fri Aug 10 14:47:47 UTC 2001

Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Aug 2001, Sandy Meier wrote:
> > > - abstract editor interface, yeah it lets me use NEdit, so what, I can
> > > go to tools and start NEdit on the file, that's all the benefit I can
> > > see from this as of know.
> > No, if you click in the classview NEdit jumps to the correct position. I
> > think editor plugins are a interesting technical challenge and in my opinion
> > it works very well. (Thanks to Matthias, really got job!)
> As I said several times, it is not _only_ about switching
> editors. It is also about seperating the parts interface from
> the editor implementation we use. Even if we would support
> only kate, it would make sense not to use the kate interface
> directly, because we would then have to change the parts
> whenever kate changes its interface, which is something we
> can't control.
> > >Would the time have been better spent on much
> > > necessary improvements of kate? Are we that serious about KDE if we
> > > cant even improve the core texteditor?
> > Improving kate is not easy and if you want all features that emacs already
> > had you will spend years on the implementation. Nevertheless we already
> > extended kwrite/kate with some code hint functions (argHint,Code completion
> > box). I hope we will merge it with the official version in some months.
> I think kate is evolving quite well, and I guess that the kate
> plugin will be the defacto standard used in kdevelop. As I
> said, being able to switch editors is something that will make
> kdevelop usable for some developers, but the default will
> definitely be kate as editor part.
Matthias, Roland, at the moment there is just DARK FOG about the core
functionality editor-handling/document-view-handling/visualization.

>>>> Can you show us a how to get all 3 components in a concept? <<<<
...That is the main problem.
(The old HEAD before Gideon had a stopped development exactly because of
that problem and not because of instability in the MDI (Ralf was wrong
saying that.))

Currently, we have these puzzle pieces that could be used:
- QextMDI is ready to use for the visualization part (at least for 3 GUI
- There is some kind of a splitter-view manager in Gideon.
- There is DocViewMan of KDevelop-2.
- There are two concepts for the editor: Roland's Kate approach and your

F at lk

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