A final word (was:Re: What's up and what's hot)

Matthias Hoelzer-Kluepfel mhk at caldera.de
Fri Aug 10 10:00:45 UTC 2001

On Fri, 10 Aug 2001, Sandy Meier wrote:

> > - abstract editor interface, yeah it lets me use NEdit, so what, I can
> > go to tools and start NEdit on the file, that's all the benefit I can
> > see from this as of know.
> No, if you click in the classview NEdit jumps to the correct position. I
> think editor plugins are a interesting technical challenge and in my opinion
> it works very well. (Thanks to Matthias, really got job!)

As I said several times, it is not _only_ about switching
editors. It is also about seperating the parts interface from
the editor implementation we use. Even if we would support
only kate, it would make sense not to use the kate interface
directly, because we would then have to change the parts
whenever kate changes its interface, which is something we
can't control.

> >Would the time have been better spent on much
> > necessary improvements of kate? Are we that serious about KDE if we
> > cant even improve the core texteditor?
> Improving kate is not easy and if you want all features that emacs already
> had you will spend years on the implementation. Nevertheless we already
> extended kwrite/kate with some code hint functions (argHint,Code completion
> box). I hope we will merge it with the official version in some months.

I think kate is evolving quite well, and I guess that the kate
plugin will be the defacto standard used in kdevelop. As I
said, being able to switch editors is something that will make
kdevelop usable for some developers, but the default will
definitely be kate as editor part.


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