A final word (was:Re: What's up and what's hot)

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 14:44:00 UTC 2001

Sandy, thanks for the clarification, turns out after careful
investigation of the newest version of gideon that things have
progressed quite a little bit.

--- Sandy Meier <smeier at kdevelop.org> wrote:
> > - abstract editor interface, yeah it lets me use NEdit, so what, I
> can
> > go to tools and start NEdit on the file, that's all the benefit I
> can
> > see from this as of know. 
> No, if you click in the classview NEdit jumps to the correct
> position. I 
> think editor plugins are a interesting technical challenge and in my
> opinion 
> it works very well. (Thanks to Matthias, really got job!)

Still, all you will get is the smallest common denominator of all
editors. Since the editor is such a central part of an IDE it should be
good, very good, indeed so good that it causes people to use the IDE.

> >Would the time have been better spent on much
> > necessary improvements of kate? Are we that serious about KDE if we
> > cant even improve the core texteditor?
> Improving kate is not easy and if you want all features that emacs
> already 
> had you will spend years on the implementation. Nevertheless we
> already 
> extended kwrite/kate with some code hint functions (argHint,Code
> completion 
> box). I hope we will merge it with the official version in some
> months.

Which brings me to an important point. This attitude lead to the
current state of kate/kwrite. kate/kwrite currently sucks, it has
1/10'th the functionality of Emacs and 1/2 of NEdit, it is slow and
does not scale reasonably. It will never get improved because KDE
developers in general rather use a different editor for their work.
Kate/kwrite is considered a toy for "newbies".

Know why konqui has surpassed Mozilla? Because it is used by people.

> > - project management entirely based on automake/autoconf. Who
> decided
> > that, what about projects that are not automake based? Not qmake
> based
> > either, can I still use HEAD for these, will I be able to in the
> > future?
> projectmanagment is not only based on automake/autoconf .It is a
> plugin. 
> There exist plugins for tmake and script languages too.

Yes, I was wrong with this, my last working gideon was from June and
because it has/had a configure script failure on Solaris I couldnt get
it to work. I have since then fixed the Solaris problem and I am able
to run it.

> Ciao!
> Sandy
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