Victor Röder Victor_Roeder at
Fri Aug 10 10:20:48 UTC 2001


> > Sandy wrote:
> > An other topic: As you already know KDE will switch to the qt3 in some
> > weeks (and will be incompatible with KDE2.2) I think we should stick on
> > KDE2.2 for awhile. This will avoid much trouble for us and the users who
> > want to install it.
> Ralf wrote:
> Sandy, that cries for trouble again. Remember when we waited to switch to
> KDE 2 with KDevelop 1.x ?  Please, we need to go with the stream this time
> although it could be a bit of a pain in the first weeks. And we can only
> test KDE 3.0 and make use of the new API things if we switch, so please,
> please let's stick with the KDE schedule or I will run into a lot of
> trouble why we are supposed to be on track and we aren't. I won't get any
> help from other KDE guys if we don't switch!

Hmmm, I think the changes between KDE 1.x and KDE 2 aren't comparable to the 
changes that will be made between KDE 2.2 and KDE 2.3(?) based on Qt3.
Sandy is right when he says that we might lose beta users who haven't the 
"Qt3 KDE" installed. I think matching Gideon to Qt3 is not going to cause 
many work. So on my opinion we should wait until a certain time (maybe when 
the KDE team ships the first beta/alpha version based on Qt3) so that there 
is a user base that uses the "Qt3 KDE". At the other side, Qt3 offers some 
interesting things. How to other projects (KOffice) answer this problem?


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