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On Friday, 10. August 2001 12:58, you wrote:
> On Friday, 10. August 2001 11:55, you wrote:
> Sandy, let me explain. There's a couple of things which I see different:
> -KDevelop is a central component that grants the success of KDE as a
> development platform and the shipping of KDevelop with KDE is essential for
> both, KDE and KDevelop. It's not that KDevelop is that independend from KDE
> anymore because it is also integrated completely into the documentation and
> translation process. 
Yes, this is and was ok for KDevelop1.x/2.x, but Gideon is a complete 
different program with other user groups then "only" KDE. Let's explain it a 
little bit: For me is Gideon first a PHP development IDE and I will work on 
this part in the nexts months. For others Gideon will be a Python IDE and so 
on. (ok, you can use it for KDE programming too:-)). The PHP,Perl, Python, 
Java developer communities are several times bigger than KDE so in my opinion 
we shoudn't focus on KDE so strong. Gideon isn't only a KDE/C++ IDE anymore 
and I think we should accept it.

The KDE team has chosen KDE3 release date for Januar 2001.This is ok. But I 
never thought that this will also the release date for Gideon or?. There is 
so much to do in Gideon and I don't like the pressure for a fixed release 
date 6 months in the future. I would like to have some alpha versions to be 
released in the next months which runs under KDE 2.2, so _everybody_ can test 
it. (there exists no rpm's for KDE3.0). Then some betas and so on. Just like 
a normal program. :-)

> others can confirm that. Another very strong reason to keep the pace with
> KDE is that if we don't do that, we have the problem that all of the KDE
> developers who are using HEAD on a daily basis won't be able to test and
> fix KDevelop anymore after the switch to Qt 3. You're shutting everyone off
> and force them to have a KDE 2.2 version installed, and we saw that with
> KDevelop 1.3 it just doesn't work and our group will become smaller instead
> of larger. 
"force them to have a KDE2.2 version".??? THIS is the current stable KDE 
version. (ok, it isn't released yet :-)) and I hope I can use it in the next 
months. You can't made a successful program if you don't have a user base.

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