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On Thursday,  2. August 2001 11:23, you wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Victor Röder wrote:
> > Note: I'm neither the author of the article mentioned nor the author of
> > the compiler cache. I have read this article and thought "Might be good
> > for Gideon!". And I don't want such replies like "Yes great idea! Just
> > implement it!"
> Why not? ;-) I mean, judging from the README file, this program seems to
> be a wrapper for the compiler which acts entirely transparent, i.e. if
> the binary which results from a compiler run is found in the cache, it
> is used, and otherwise the normal compiler is called. So all you have to
> do is to set CXX (e.g. in the project options) to /some/where/g++ and
> build the project just as usual.
> Maybe I'm missing something...

I think a plugin, which contains the compilercache and offers some settings 
would be nice too. Otherwise nobody will use this, only the advanced user. 

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