KDevelop 1.3 release

John Birch John.Birch at xtra.co.nz
Tue Nov 21 06:59:49 UTC 2000


We _really_ need to port 1.3 to kde2.0. I've been looking at this and have a 
script that does a lot of the mechanical work from kde1 to kde2. But there's 
a lot of work left.

I would be willing to start this asap _after_ we release 1.3. Please lets get 
1.3 out _then_ port it. Otherwise it's just messy and 1.3 is really close!

Remote debugging: Okay, it's not difficult, but I haven't any test bed for it 
so I left it alone. I talked to a few developers who wanted it but nothing 
eventuated, not even an offer to test :( So please go ahead.

QT2.2 only version: Well, that might be a bit more work? Not thought about 
that, but interesting. This is probably a good idea. If I was a commercial 
company choosing to invest time into an IDE I'd pick one that works across 
platforms, over a linux only system.

I never understood the previous objections to a commercial company supplying 
code for kdevelop. (I think it was the manner of approach that put us off, 
maybe?) Lets grab this resource before we miss out again.


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