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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Wed May 17 17:23:12 UTC 2000

Ralf Funken wrote:
> Are we talking about another 1.x version or do you mean the version of the
> documentation files?
> We have to be careful though with the parts not written by the KDevelop team.
We will change the contents of the docbook files anyway. That is what
was meant by increasing the version number in conjunction with the
docbook conversion as we won´t continue working with LinuxDoc DTD.

> asked, but we wouldn't have to. The permission to print mustn't depend on getting
> a compensation, though. If the publisher would gives us our share, that would be
> OK, of course. :-)
I would say that as we´re seeking translators those will automatically
be registered by Martin. Therefore we can apply A and B.

> have made postscript for A4 and letter size plus a source package containing the
> TeX file,  the styles and a README. Should I upload this NOW or should I wait
> until the printed version is available?
Upload NOW !!! ;-)

I´ll be off to the pub now ;-) need some rest after repairing and
installing SuSE on Ingo´s old P133 box for the whole night...

Ralf: I know why you couldn´t configure your printer with SuSE´s Yast
;-) you forgot to install apsfilter ;-)

Oh Fridolin, oh Fridolin,
schenk´ mir enge Pinguin,
so ene kleene Patschemann,
dat wär´ wat für ming Badewann´

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