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Wed May 17 16:29:50 UTC 2000

Am Mit, 17 Mai 2000 schrieben Sie:
> Ralf Nolden wrote:
> Well, we´ll change the documentation license for the converted docbook
> files. This will automatically increase the version number
I don't quite understand, why we are talking about increasing the version number.
Are we talking about another 1.x version or do you mean the version of the
documentation files? 
We have to be careful though with the parts not written by the KDevelop team.

>The case is that if e.g. O´Reilly would publish the book we would have a much
>wider publication way down to the last bookshop even here in germany plus I
>could imagine better payment (although I don´t really know what we would do
>ever with the money except buying machines for those who are in deep need of
Well, I read both the GNU Free Documentation License and the Open Publication
License, Version 1.0 now. I prefer the latter one, because by using the options
you have a means to make it exactly what you want and it's more understandable. I
suggest using the option 'B' and to declare explicitly that option 'A' DOESN'T
apply ( as this would unneccessarily complicate translating the documents). This
way( 'A' no, 'B' yes) we could still give permission to make a book to anyone who
asked, but we wouldn't have to. The permission to print mustn't depend on getting
a compensation, though. If the publisher would gives us our share, that would be
OK, of course. :-)

Something different :
The book it all started with is ready in my point of view. It doesn't contain
screenshots, as this is not so easy in LaTeX and I want to concentrate a little
on docbook ( and if I have the time  : school :-)) ), but it looks OK for me. I
have made postscript for A4 and letter size plus a source package containing the
TeX file,  the styles and a README. Should I upload this NOW or should I wait
until the printed version is available?

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