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Tue May 2 22:33:32 UTC 2000

On Wed, 03 May 2000, you wrote:
> Hi, there:
>    From KDK ver 1.0, I had been working on extending KDK with target-
>  host/cross-plateform development facility for embedded systems. I
>  haven't published my work for 1.0. However, when I tried to work
>  on KDK 1.1, I found there are major changes from 1.0. This makes
>  my continue work more and more difficult.

Kdevelop continues to evolve, with a new release (1.2) pending very soon. It may
mean that some of your work won't "fit' on the new source base again :(  The
best way would be to send patches for the work you've done. Small single
task patches would be easiest for us to handle. That way we'll probably only
have to handle a little bit of patch "fuzz". Send these to the kdevelop-devel
mailing list, or if you'd like to deal with a one person instead then please
don't hestitate to send the patches to me.

Stuff that doesn't get into a new release can be made available as a patch
to a specified release from the kdevelop patch site.

>    So I would like to see if my effort can be a part of KDK
>  distribution. The problem is, I have made several changes that
>  altered the interface. Here are my changes made on 1.1 final:
>      * A combobox to select the target location.
>      * Remote debugging frontend of gdb.
>      * The "debug" options are altered to work with the target selection.

I would particularly like to see these changes, so could you get a patch to me
soon. Unfortunately, I think you're too late for the 1.2 release.

>    And some todo-list:
>      * A target IP address editor on "KDevelop Setup..." dialog
>      * Local/Remote Installation of application
>      * Automatic remote gdbserver/process initialization
>      * Share library management and installation on embedded target.

Share library management is done in 1.2 I think. (or somethink like it anyway)

>    I plan to finish all the work in 2 weeks.
>    And for the upcomming KDK 2.0, I wonder if I can participate in
>  the development team. Thanks!

Yes, please :-)


ICQ: 60412209

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