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CCLIAO ccliao at
Tue May 2 19:03:00 UTC 2000

Hi, there:
   From KDK ver 1.0, I had been working on extending KDK with target-
 host/cross-plateform development facility for embedded systems. I 
 haven't published my work for 1.0. However, when I tried to work 
 on KDK 1.1, I found there are major changes from 1.0. This makes 
 my continue work more and more difficult.

   So I would like to see if my effort can be a part of KDK 
 distribution. The problem is, I have made several changes that 
 altered the interface. Here are my changes made on 1.1 final:
     * A combobox to select the target location.
     * Remote debugging frontend of gdb.
     * The "debug" options are altered to work with the target selection.

   And some todo-list:
     * A target IP address editor on "KDevelop Setup..." dialog
     * Local/Remote Installation of application
     * Automatic remote gdbserver/process initialization
     * Share library management and installation on embedded target.

   I plan to finish all the work in 2 weeks.

   And for the upcomming KDK 2.0, I wonder if I can participate in
 the development team. Thanks!

 Chun-Chi Liao
 ccliao at

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