Work problem (was Re: Internationalization Problem)

Benoit Cerrina Benoit.cerrina at
Wed Mar 8 18:58:52 UTC 2000

> Hi Benoit,
> I am sorry you have to stop working on open source projects.
> Perhaps you can still work on some at home. (That's what I did when I
worked at
> Thomson because anyway I had no Internet connection there.)

Actually I only worked on kdevelop at home but the "Droit d'auteurs" ==
copyrights of what
an employee writes belongs to it employers if it can be argued that some of
the inspiration
for it comes from what he does during his work hours or from interaction
with its coworker.

Since this is the case, it wouldn't work.  As for working for a free
software company, that is
something I'm thinking about, I'd like to stay a little bit more with
Dassault right now to gain
more experience and because the work is really interesting.

> Another way is to change job, and work in a free software company, that's
> I did too...
> Good Luck,
> --
> Christian COUDER
> Ingénieur Informatique Libre
> Alcôve -

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