Work problem (was Re: Internationalization Problem)

chcouder christian at
Wed Mar 8 08:55:51 UTC 2000

Benoit Cerrina wrote:

> Hi all,
> unfortunatelly I have to tell you that my short contribution to kdevelop
> will have to come to an end for legal reason.
> I don't know about the way it works outside of France but here it happens
> that the company I work for Dassault Systemes has all rights on all the
> software which I write and which is in the same domain as software
> developped by Dassault.
> Yesterday Dassault had to make an example from 2 coworkers who had just
> posted as open software some work they had done on displaying 3d rendered
> object from a remote server on a java client (it happens to be very close to
> the subject they worked on at DS so in my opinion Dassault had to do what
> they did).  In any case this is the first time such a thing happened in DS
> and it is definitely not a good time for an employee to be working on open
> source projects.  Since writing developments tools definitely falls under
> the type of things we do at work, the only project which could be worse
> would be if kdevelop was a CAD/CAM product or a PDM product.
> I'll keep an eye on kdevelop.  Good Luck.
> Ben

Hi Benoit,

I am sorry you have to stop working on open source projects.
Perhaps you can still work on some at home. (That's what I did when I worked at
Thomson because anyway I had no Internet connection there.)
Another way is to change job, and work in a free software company, that's what
I did too...

Good Luck,

Christian COUDER
Ingénieur Informatique Libre
Alcôve -

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