missing variable PO in Makefile.am

Martin Piskernig martin.piskernig at stuwo.at
Thu Mar 2 15:48:42 UTC 2000

On Thu, 02 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> How should we handle this??!!!
> First I wrote this only to developer... should I also post this to the
> mainlist?

Does POFILES = AUTO work in normal (=non-kde-)applications?
Then we should use it whenever possible and po-files will automatically
be compiled and installed.
I don't consider using the Qt style of doing translation a bad idea but it would
mean to change all i18n() to tr(), writing some lines of code for the extra
qt translation (see their short instructions in the qt docs) and generally leave
standard gettext paths. I'll have a look how translation is done for e.g. bash
or other gnu utils. This would be "the way to go"(tm). 'info gettext' says that
every string can be used as the translation function, not only i18n() but also
_() or transl(), which must be given to the (x)gettext by the -k switch.
And I'll have a better look for the Qt way to maybe discover some advantages
over gettext :-)
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