KDockMainWindow should get new parents!

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 17 21:41:55 UTC 2000

John Birch wrote:

> > namespace KPart
> > {
> >    class MainWindow : public KTMainWindow, virtual public PartBase
> > ...
> >     class DockMainWindow : public KDockMainWindow, public MainWindow
> No
> class DockMainWindow : public KDockMainWindow, public Partbase

Aha, I was thinking so...

> I see in a later mail that's what you're doing anyway
> I emailed my files to you, but unfortunately I used the wrong address. :(
> Good job I don't have write access to kde-core-devel mailing list. Sorry
> about that.
> I would keep everything in mainwindow.h and .cpp and use the
> MainWindowPrivate class.

I suppose: Not so cool.
Every change in kdockwidget.h would cause a recompile in KParts::MainWindow
because they are in the same file as you recommend.

That's why I divide in dockmainwindow.h and mainwindow.h. One includes
kdockwidget.h and one includes ktmainwindow.h.
Do you agree?

> This would help to ensure that changes to MainWindow
> will be applied to DockMainWindow at the same time.

Or we insert a warning in red colour in the header and cpp file. ;-)

F at lk

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