Bug#4337: MesaGL and s

Jean Pierre Charalambos H. jpchara at ingenieria.ing.unal.edu.co
Thu Jun 8 12:05:49 UTC 2000


About my "bugs":
1. As you suggest i do noy have sgml2html in my sgmltools i finally found 
one (RPM RedHAt) in the net but it seems to be unreacheable from here! Could 
you please suggest me some URL
2. With the Qt wrapper for the Mesa things are diferrent: I found the path:
/usr/lib/qt-1.44/extensions/opengl into my systema so i follwed 
instruction: make in src and everything seems to be ok. Next I tried 
again my kdk project for the GL but again it appeared the problem: no 
libraries check your istallation. What happened? Do you still believe i 
need that extension? If so, why mine didnt work?

Thank you for your cooperation

Jean Pierre Charalambos

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