Bug#4337: MesaGL and s

W. Tasin tasin at e-technik.fh-muenchen.de
Thu Jun 15 15:07:07 UTC 2000

" Jean Pierre Charalambos H." wrote:
> Hello
> Im resending you because i have not yet received an answer
> Bye
> Pierre
> On Thu, 8 Jun 2000,  Jean Pierre Charalambos H.  wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > About my "bugs":
> > 1. As you suggest i do noy have sgml2html in my sgmltools i finally found
> > one (RPM RedHAt) in the net but it seems to be unreacheable from here! Could
> > you please suggest me some URL

Try http://www.redhat.com/download/mirror.html ?? (thanks to internet
search engines)

There you can find different servers, which has the complete redhat
distributions on ftp sites... I found some rpms, but I don't know if it
would be useful for you since I don´t know which version of redhat you
are using.

The sources were on www.sgmltools.org, but now this site has changed to
sgmltools-lite and I didn´t checked out, if this is fully compatible to
the needs of KDevelop.

> > 2. With the Qt wrapper for the Mesa things are diferrent: I found the path:
> > /usr/lib/qt-1.44/extensions/opengl into my systema so i follwed
> > instruction: make in src and everything seems to be ok. Next I tried
> > again my kdk project for the GL but again it appeared the problem: no
> > libraries check your istallation. What happened? Do you still believe i
> > need that extension? If so, why mine didnt work?

so now do you have a file called libqgl.a at your /usr/lib/qt-1.44/lib?

Please remove first the file config.cache before restarting with "make
-f Makefile.dist; ./configure [with your options]"

and if this error still happens have a look at config.log, where the
configure process stops.
There you will find what command causes configure to stop proceeding.

Yes, I still believe that you would need the qt-GL extension to create a
"Normal-OpenGL" KDevelop project.
I guess, it isn´t only the missing QGL extension, there is another
problem... maybe with including -lGL or -lMesaGL, but config.log should
give more hints about that.

> >
> > Thank you for your cooperation
> >
> >
> > Jean Pierre Charalambos
> >


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