debugging toolbar position

Benoit Cerrina benoit.cerrina at
Wed Jan 19 23:58:41 UTC 2000

Hi jbb,
while working on the docview problem, I noticed that you had put the debugging
toolbar in the browser toolbar while there was plenty of place in the main one,
was this on purpose?
I'm asking this because I found out that while working I like to hide the
browser toolbar which I never use anyway while keeping the main one.
Another suggestion would be to add the debbuging functions to the list of key
bindable function, I know that you don't know which defaults to choose since
you don't want to conflict with the other previously binded functions but that
would allow us to choose our own binding at least.
By the way this is an address to all of the other kdevelop developers, I firmly
believe that all the functionality accessible through the menu and/or toolbars
should be present in the list of functions in the setup dialog.

 --  Benoit Cerrina

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